Help Suzanna Leigh FIGHT her CANCER

Hollywood Actress and British film star Suzanna Leigh is fighting for her life!
Suzanna was diagnosed with ‘stage-four’ liver cancer in September, 2016. This news has been devestating to her only daughter Natalia Leigh and to close friends and loved ones. Suzanna has been under the medical care of Dr. Elda Baigabatov at Celebrity Medical Center in Winter Garden, FL where she lives. She has been receiving a non-toxic form of chemo – a strict regime, weekly to FIGHT her cancer. We are now five months into her treatment and it’s been highly recommended for her to go too ‘Oasis of Hope’ medical facitlity in Mexico where she would take her treatment to the next level. She would be admitted and get 3-6 weeks of around the clock, 24 hour cancer treatment care. THIS IS URGENT that we take this next step in her fight to overome this disease. She is such a fighter! But without your help and generoisty, we financially would not be able to pursue this option and continue this form of healing and treamtent. It’s recommended no later than April/May for her to be admitted based on her recent MRI contrast scan (2-10th-17).

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Welcome to the official website of international award winning actor/author Suzanna Leigh.

Suzanna was given the name ‘Leigh’ by her Godmother legend Vivien Leigh. She started acting at the tender age of twelve in MGM’s ‘Tom Thumb’. She then went on to have her own T.V. series in France in the early 60’s before signing a Hollywood contact in with producer Hall Wallis and Paramount Studio’s 1964.

Although better known as a British actress, Suzanna’s autobiography ‘Paradise’ Suzanna Style’ is much acclaimed.

Suzanna resides in Florida to be closer to her daughter Natalia Leigh.